Marisa Fjärem

Service designer / UX-designer

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Marisa Fjärem has a long experience of working with brands and creating strong successful concepts, visual communication and identities. With a problem-solving mind she wants to turn the problems into solutions and with design thinking methods meet the customers needs, understand their desires and create flawless digital solutions.

With an analytic and strategic eye, user research, collaborative workshops, prototypes and digital user tests she can help brands or organizations to understand where they need to improve their service and communication to stand out as a sustainable digital brand that can last in these changing times.

As a service and visual designer, she researches the target group and market to assure to deliver the most desirable design and the highest service. With an holistic overview she adjusts the brand impact during the whole customer journey and analyses the insights from the digital data to target growth.

Marisa has a history of working with marketing and commercials as an art director and set designer and has a strong eye for visual communication in both print, digital and moving content as well as designing spatial experiences in exhibitions, window displays and stores. With the brand and user experience in mind she can create an omni-channel holistic experience.


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